Jet Ski Safari to Balos

Book 2-4 jet skis | 2-3 hours tour

Jet Ski to Balos

If you are into extreme sea sports we have the best option for you! You can visit Balos and Gramvousa with our jet skis.

2-4 jet skis
2-8 persons

Trip duration: 2-3 hours

Stops: Tersanas – Agios Sozon – Balos & Gramvousa

*One of our boats will accompany you on your jet ski trip to make sure you are safe.

Best time to take the Jet Ski Safari to Balos is from early in the morning until 12.00 or in the afternoon after 16.00 to also have the chance to see the amazing sunset!
On that time, the weather is more tranquil and Balos is not so crowded so you will better enjoy your trip!

If you want to book only 1 jet ski, you can contact us on Whatsapp.

Notice to the charteres

There are several rules you need to follow, in order to have a safe and pleasant trip with our boats.
Please take a moment to read the safety instructions for renting our boats or jet skis.

We are there for you

In case of a windy and wavy weather, we accompany you free of charge with our boats in order to make your cruise safe and easy.